Our Approach

About Us

Transcend Corporate is focused on delivering success for our clients.  Irrespective of the services offered, we always work closely with you from the moment which you start to plan an MBO, acquisition or to sell your business, throughout  the deal process, to build success into the suggested process and achieve a satisfactory completion. Our service is led by Partners who are respected for initiating, structuring and managing a variety of transactions, including:

Transcend Corporate is an independent corporate finance, lead advisory firm specialising in mid-market transactions in the unquoted sector, working on transactions typically in the £5million to £40million range.

We are an experienced team of professionals, well-known in the corporate finance community, and each of us has over 20 years of transaction experience.

We provide a hands-on service, without delegation to inexperienced junior staff.  Whom you meet is whom you will be working with, throughout the project.

We are completely independent and, therefore, work alongside your existing advisers without conflicting audit or tax relationships.

We are happy to be involved in all aspects of the project in order to support you and to ensure that the transaction is completed successfully and in a timely manner.

We offer a fee structure which aligns our interests with yours, usually with a significant element being contingent on the transaction completing successfully.

Above all, we pride ourselves on giving you practical and honest advice.

Why not take a look at our track record, and see for yourself?