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dramatically altering an enterprise's customer interactions

There is a significant shift happening in the way technology is being used and developed in today’s digital economy, driven by the Cloud, Social Media, Mobility and Data, dramatically altering an enterprise’s customer interactions and improving performance.

External data center services, such as Hosting, Infrastructure as a Service and Cloud are gaining popularity. Users’ mobility needs continue to expand with most businesses now supporting a workforce using mobile devices and doing most of their work away from the office. In turn, the Cloud, Social and Mobile working, together with Bring Your Own Device, will drive better security if compromised by malware.

A rapid rise in data storage architecture, and information sensing technologies, searching and analysing large data volumes is encouraging the development of Big Data. Commercially, large enterprises are using Big Data as a key basis for driving competition and operational efficiencies.

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Our Experience

The Technology team at Transcend has in-depth experience of the issues involved in selling and buying technology businesses, including intellectual property, service contracts, change of control clauses, and revenue recognition.

We keep in regular contact with the CEOs and MDs of leading UK technology companies and are, therefore, well placed to give an informed view on what is happening in the sector, as well as understanding their strategic plans.

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